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Animals Chasing Laser Pointers Compilation

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The Best Wedding Dance of all time!

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Golf Joke: Drag Charlie

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Richard comes home to his wife after a bad day of golf.

Christina Aguilera – Show me how you Burlesque -Video (from movie)

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Sorry for bad quality


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Russian Fails Your Comrades Will Love

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Science on the Playground

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Dogs + Sticks + Small Openings = FAIL

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Golf Joke: Gas

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A gassy golfer gets schooled on the game.

Sports Bloopers Compilations : Best of April 2011

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This is a compilation of the best sports bloopers on you tube.Its the best of April 2011. The funniest you

Cat Really Loves Her Chipmonk Toy – A lot!

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Wedding Fail!! Bad wedding moment!

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Cheers Bloopers

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Some screw-ups from our favorite bar.

American Idol Promo

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I can't find the entire interview, but this is a promo from one of my trips to Hollywood and American

Pitch Perfect Barden Bella final performance

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Barden Bella final performance

Bloopers – Night at the Museum / Noche en el Museo – Tomas Falsas

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"Night at the Museum" (2006) de Shawn Levy

Bears Acting Like Humans Compilation

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Friends with Benefits – Gag Reel

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Watersports Fails: Rant about Guys Impressing Girls

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Funny Wedding Videos — Brides Boom Boom

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Watch these funny wedding videos compilation. Here is where the brides go boom boom before their wedding night.

Enchanted: Bloopers

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Oh, Amy Adams. How are you so cute?

Nickelodeon – Icarly – Bloopers

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Icarly bloopers from nickelodeon .

Twin Pines: Episode 1 – The Handjob

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The socially maniacal employees and residents of Twin Pines Country Club invite you into their whacked out world. The

Parrots Dancing Compilation FUNNY

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Funny Sports Accidents of 2011

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Watch the awesome collection of slips, falls, slams,bangs and crashes on the snow.The funniest collection on YouTube because its Ice

Mash Outtakes

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Another group of outtakes; sourced from an old Betamax tape

Best News Bloopers May 2013

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Best News Bloopers Of 2012 (Part 2)

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Funny Fails : 2012 Funny Fail Bloopers and Wipeouts

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Fresh Prince – Jump on it Dance

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Fresh Prince and Carlton do the "Jump on it Dance"

Opie & Anthony – Missed Calls

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The two talking cats

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NEWS9 Bloopers

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News bloopers from WTOV NEWS9 in Steubenville, Ohio & Wheeling, West Virginia. I'm pretty sure these date back to 1999,

Animals Playing Fetch Compilation

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Brave Chihuahua protects Kittens!

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A doggy summer – A kutyák is szeretik a strandot

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JK Wedding Entrance Dance

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Funny Animals Riding Turtles Compilation

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Golf Joke: Fore!

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A clueless golfer has a run-in with the FUZZ. http://TightLies.TV

Rush Hour Bloopers

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rush hour bloopers

JK Divorce Entrance Dance

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819 Views0 Comments What do you think of when you see a 103 black woman driving down the street?

Funniest Sports Bloopers Epic

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See the Funniest Sports Bloopers .An Epic collection of moments in life where they go ouch. They slip, crash, bang

World’s Biggest Pets

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World's Biggest Pets - A fascinating insight into the amazing world of pet owners for whom big is beautiful. For

Kitten Feather Attack

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Kitten attacks and carts off feather very proudly in mouth - funny! See more about our animal communication & Reiki

27 Dresses – Deleted Scenes – HD

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The Ugly Truth Gag Reel Full!

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The Ugly Truth Full Gag Reel Grom DVD

FOX 8 News Preview

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Mark Zinni reports on several small Ohio towns where children are getting sick at an alarming rate. The two-part

News Blooper: Anchor vs Reporter – Timothy Beagley

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This is one of my all-time favorite 'on air fights' between a reporter and the anchorman in-studio. This is

Pitch Perfect [Behind The Scenes II]

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Second b-roll of two for Pitch Perfect. B-roll provides a compilation of behind the scenes footage from the film.

Most Awesome TV Bloopers

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This is just a little video of some people that have no business being on TV. Enjoy.

Kobe Bryant flicks towel into woman’s face

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Funny Boat Bloopers Compilation: Best of 2012

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Watch a compilation of the funniest boat accidents. Drown in laughter its the best of 2012

Golf Joke: Wife and Girlfriend

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You learn something new on the golf course every day at Twin Pines...

She’s the man bloopers

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The bloopers of the movie she's the man starring amanda bynes

Kiiten Attack Training

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Momma cat trains kitten on how to camouflage and properly surprise, then attack unsuspecting victims. Then the trainee turns on

Santa Claws – Simon’s Cat

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The best wedding accident

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Wedding failure.

Golf Joke: The Perfect Shot

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We always encourage upstanding behavior from our staff, here at Twin Pines Country Club. http://TightLies.TV

Best News Bloopers February 2013

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New York Minute – Bloopers

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bloopers from MKA Olsen's movie, New York Minute.

Funny Fails : Wedding Fails Compilation 2012

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Seinfeld best Bloopers part 4.wmv

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Seinfeld best Bloopers collection part 4

Golf Joke: OGD (Obsessive Golfing Disorder)

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Sufferers of OGD are not looking for a cure, they are looking for acceptance. Please help.

Word Etymology

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Best News Bloopers September 2013

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Husky Dog Talking – ” I love you “

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Best Fight Ever Recorded

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Great Brother fight!!!

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Young Primeau is fighting his older brother! Great!!!

Funny Wedding Dance Compilation: Bloopers

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Cats Taking Care of Dogs Compilation

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Men in Black Bloopers – funny shit

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Funny Fails : Funny Kids Fails: Best Compilation of July 2012

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Funny kids going out of control. Kids with their creativity creates such situations that are so funny. Nothing more dangerous

Golf Joke: Seen My Ball?

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A golfer plays a joke on a guy who is already a joke... http://TightLies.TV

Cop Out Outtakes and Specials deutsch

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Dunk Fails Anyone Will Love (LINK IN DESC STARTS PLAYLIST)

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Funny Fails : Funny Falls Videos : Sports Bloopers 2012

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Dont miss Watching the most hilarious sports bloopers or just some simply crazy videos we got together into one compilation

The Proposal – Blooper Reel

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The Proposal - In theatres now! Funny bloopers and outtakes from the movie!

FOX 8 Christmas Rock

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This is the closing of the weekend morning show on Sunday, December 25th, with an airing of the FOX 8

Blonde Girl Orlando Magic Fan Falls Down

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Blonde Girl Orlando Magic Fan dying for some TV attention behind the sportscasters takes a dive during game 4 of

The Big Bang Theory Season 4 Bloopers

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Princess Diaries 1 bloopers

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Golf Joke: Golf With Jake Baxter!

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Let our pro, Jake Baxter, handle your personal business while you play a round of golf.

Wedding Thriller

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YO MAMA SO OLD! Skrillex

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Re: Funny Father/Daughter Dance – “Soulja Boy Crank That”

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Starts out with "My Little Girl" and very sentimental, gets hilarious with Soulja Boy's "Crank Dat", ends sentimental with original

Avengers bloopers

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It's hella funny! Also sry about the quality of the video and it's a bit shakeup but other then that

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